October 30, 2011

Trick or treat?

Music :



On the previous week I had really pre-holiday mood!
 Oh, how I love it!
No, Halloween is not Ukrainian holiday and this makes it even more interesting. Bony-man lover, it was very romantic photoshoot actually :)
Everyone loves this atmosphere of spooky late fall,don't you?

And the last cool parody by The Hillywood Show. I didn't even realize it's not Gaga! "Come with me and you will see, this my town of Gagaween..."
Haha, well done guys!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Waw! You're amazing beautiful! These photos are great! I love the strange mood with this skeleton hand... *3*
    And your dress and make-up are so perfect! *3*
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  2. Отличный Хеллоуинский фотосет! Рыжие волосы оказались как нельзя кстати! :) А клип и вправду - хорошая пародия на Гагу! Тоже не сразу отличила подделку! ;)

  3. Здорово, такой нежный образ, но такой гармоничный и действительно идеален для Хеллуина )

  4. another great artistic endeavour.Canadians know to well the gothic prairie landscape in the dead of fall. love nouvelle vague! may i suggest a similar track that's the same cool. 'Spooky' by Dusty Springfield

    -to much leftover candy in winnipeg

  5. Thank you Winnipeg!Really love this track "Love is kind of crazy with a spooky little boy like you.."

  6. I just discovered your blog and gosh I am blown away...its a maze full of magic, these halloween images are so divine. LOVE love love
    You have a new fan xxx

  7. OMG, the dress is AMAZING!! Where you find it??

  8. Thank you! this is vintage,very old dress, and I had made petticoats by myself:)

  9. Oh WOOOOW! Your beauty is absolutley breathtakin'!

  10. Usually I like the shots really in tight but your full shot (where it almost looks like you're the bride, walking down the aisle) really draws me in. I would love to see it in black and white, with a lot of contrast. Some really beautiful shots in the other pages too! Thank you, you started my brain today!

  11. I Reeeeally love all your photos!^^
    but "Trick or treat" nr. 5 is my favorite. (& perfect background)
    You are really beautiful! I'm so Jealous >.<

    ~Eia^^ (Greetings from Denmark)


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